The busy month of May

Well, May has been super busy for me. On the 1st I was invited to the house of lords for a spot of lunch. Not a dodgy pub, but the actual House of Lords. There I met the amazing Baroness Floella Benjamin, who gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard. It was a special day and one that I will remember, also one that served to remind me that you never know what’s waiting around the corner for you.

This has enabled me to join the Society of Women Writers and Journalists, which is a bit odd, but they do allow men to join.

The following weeks had me finishing a novel: ‘The Hive’ A story about a girl who has a dead end job with a horrible boss, but who lands a position at a new place of work where the conditions are the polar opposite. But she begins to question why it’s so perfect.

I then thought I’d have a little break from writing so I could concentrate on the release of my latest work ‘The Story - be careful what you read’ which came out on 24th. But a friend of mind said that there could be a fourth Astrid novel. I hadn’t intended to write another in the Astrid series, but something he said made the gears start grinding in my head so I have started writing that.

It will tell Astrid’s story from the point of view of her victims and their families. The shame of defeat, and the resentment of Astrid and their refusal to understand that she is trying to help them. It highlights the unwillingness of some to accept the new order.

While I am doing all this, I am still working part time in the live music industry, and May has been taken up with preparing equipment for British rock band Iron Maiden who are getting ready for their ‘The future past’ tour.

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