Festival appearance and celebrity endorsement

Four items of news and one tease:

The first bit of news is that my appearance at the Brightlingsea Literary Festival is confirmed for Sunday 3rd March 2024, and will be a ‘meet the author’ event. This is serendipitous timing as the second bit of news is that my next novel, the Hammer Horror-inspired horror story, ‘Perfect Strangers’, is due for worldwide release two days earlier, on the 1st of March. It will be available in paperback from any bookshop or online. It will also be available in eBook format.

Both formats can be ordered through this website (which is the best way) or online through the usual online bookseller – you know the one I mean.

The third bit of news is that my second horror novel, ‘The Story-be careful what you read’, has been accepted and is in production. The release date will be sometime later in 2024.

The fourth news item is that my third horror novel ‘The Twinmere Beast’ has been submitted, and I am confident of its acceptance.

The tease is that I am close to getting a celebrity endorsement for the entire Astrid series. I can’t say who the person is, but he has been the star of a Channel 4 TV show that ran for several seasons and now has an international TV career. He is a successful author with many books on The Times bestseller list. His endorsement of my writing is all the more genuine as he understands the genre of the Astrid series and the difficulties that the protagonist and the antagonist have to overcome.

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