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T G Trouper lives with his wife in Essex, England. He worked in the live music industry for many years dealing with the requirements of some of the biggest recording artists in the world, and only left reluctantly to care for aging parents. However, this gave him time to take up writing, something that he has always wanted to do.

T G is also a singer and guitarist in a couple of bar bands.



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Me and Carley-Ann Osborn featured in a Newspaper

I am thrilled to share that I, along with fellow author Carley-Ann Osborn, have been featured in a recent newspaper article! It's an incredible honour to have our work recognized and celebrated in s ........

Interview with Central Valley Talk in California.

Interview with Central Valley Talk in California.  On 11th June at 7.30 pm I will be taking part in a livestream where I’ll be interviewed by Mike Briggs of Briggs on Books from Central Valley Talk ........

Festival appearance and celebrity endorsement

Four items of news and one tease:The first bit of news is that my appearance at the Brightlingsea Literary Festival is confirmed for Sunday 3rd March 2024, and will be a ‘meet the author’ event. This ........


The busy month of May

Well, May has been super busy for me. On the 1st I was invited to the house of lords for a spot of lunch. Not a dodgy pub, but the actual House of Lords. There I met the amazing Baroness Floella Benja ........

The biggest problem with AI

The issue is that everyone is treating artificial intelligence systems as if they are sentient, they are not and never will be, so we must stop anthropomorphising them. Asking AI to perform a task is ........

Never fail Chicken curry

This is a mild -ish generic curry that serves 4.Ingredients:400g Diced Chicken thighs, all fat trimmed off.2 large tomatoes2 medium onions6 cloves of garlicFresh ginger to the same weight as the garli ........


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