Interview with Central Valley Talk in California.

Interview with Central Valley Talk in California.



On 11th June at 7.30 pm I will be taking part in a livestream where I’ll be interviewed by Mike Briggs of Briggs on Books from Central Valley Talk in California. I’ll be discussing my latest release ‘The Story - Be Careful What You Read’


The interview can be viewed live on any of Central Valley Talk’s platforms:






The interview is scheduled to last around 10 - 12 minutes, and might start dead on 7.30, so please be patient.


In other news, my next release is a horror story ‘The Twinmere Beast’. It is in production and should be published later this year. On top of that, I am thrilled to announce that a contract has been signed for 'The Branford Chronicles : Karla's story'. It is the first in a nine-part crime series and is set in the fictional Essex town of Branford and follows the character arc of the female detective Naomi Charlton. Over the course of the nine books, she finds love where she least expects it, gets married, and her family is made complete with the arrival of a daughter. Though she suffers a tragic loss that almost makes her leave the police.


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